Dolphin AI

Drone Software Platform for Property Inspection

Drone Data Platform

Upload, organize, annotate, and export drone data from any vendor

Platform Features


Drone Support & Orthomosaic

Supports any visual data - simply drag and drop.
Generate your own orthomosaics and take measurements with geo-tagged data collected by your team or a vendor


Manage Images Easily

Bulk image uploading, automatic image sorting by quality, automatic de-duplication, and seamless annotations


Thermal Imagery

Manage, analyze, and annotate thermal data to discover water damage


Generate Reports

Easily annotate images, or take measurements, and generate reports from the data with a single click


Train CV Models Enterprise

Integrated machine learning pipeline enables your organization to train computer vision models on your data to run your actuarial queries


Detect Damage Enterprise

Our proprietary computer vision and machine learning models will annotate hail fractures and wind damage automatically


Flexible Integration

Data can be uploaded anywhere: in the field, at a local office, or at HQ. Analyze data and generate reports anywhere with web access.

Insurance Enterprise

Streamline underwriting, claims, and risk engineering workflows with an easy-to-use platform that organizes, manages, and sorts visual data automatically.

Secure & Organized

Secure & Organized

Control your data in a secure and scalable cloud environment

Easy Analytics

Easy Analytics

Process claims and inspections faster with our proprietary image analytics that recognize hail and wind damage for you.

Train models

Train Models

Drive actuarial insight out of your data by training your own machine-learning models on your data sets.


Our patents-pending models automatically detect hail fractures and wind damage. Integrate them into your existing software with our API, and accelerate your adjusters workflow by calling out damage areas for them, or verify existing roof damage before underwriting new policies.

  • Reduce claims duration by accelerating adjuster workflow.
  • Provide a level of quality assurance with objective, data-driven models.
  • Avoid underwriting properties with existing damage.
Roof Damage Graphic

Advisory Services

Our team of artificial intelligence experts, data engineers, and data scientists can setup systems for applied artificial intelligence and machine learning, or train models on your data sets.